Legit Vibram Sellers

All of these legit sellers are confirmed from birthdayshoes.com. They are a very reputable resource with regards to Vibrams and minimalist footwear. They also send out emails when these legit sellers get restocked which is very convenient for those looking for a particular style or color.

City Sports Free shipping over $99

Crossroads Online Free shipping over $100
This was the seller that I ordered my all Black KSOs. The automated system is very efficient in processing your order. Shipping was very prompt and I received my order within a few days after being shipped. I would highly recommend this seller and would order through them again.

Half Moon Outfitters Free shipping over $49

Kayak Shed Free shipping over $50

Masseys Outfitters Free shipping over $75

REI Free shipping for REI Members over $75

Rock/Creek Free shipping over $49

The Shoe Mart Free shipping

Travel Country Free shipping over $70

My KSO Full Review

I tried to do my best impression of stacking my Vibrams like they do on the website but it didn’t work out as nicely.  This will be my first in-depth review of the vibram five finger shoes.

So you’ve decided that you want to buy a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes, where do you get these crazy looking shoes?

Step 1:  Figure out your size

Go to vibram’s official website and find out where there is an official retailer with a physical store near where you live.  As good as the sizing chart is on the Vibram website, it doesn’t compare to actually trying a pair on and seeing how they feel on your own feet.  You may have to do some calling around and you may have to drive a little ways to find a store that has Vibrams in stock.  Don’t worry about style or color at this point.  You just want the store to have several pairs around what size they think you are based off of your shoe size.  The Vibram website does say there is some variation between styles in terms of what size will fit you properly.  I can’t comment personally about that since I only own one pair but with how hard to find these shoes are, you do the best you can.  If you’re lucky enough to find the color, style and size that you want in store, by all means buy it.  However, if you’re a common size like I am, you’re probably going to have to place an order online.

Step 2:  Find a Legit Online retailer

Like any highly sought after item, there are going to be sellers out there selling counterfeit merchandising claiming to be the real thing.  Keep in mind, Vibram does not allow resellers to sell their product online if they do not have a “brick and mortar” business.  If you don’t know what that means, it means that the resellers have to have a physical store and cannot be solely an online reseller.  If you’re looking at auctions on eBay or Amazon, be sure to make sure its from a legit seller.  eBay more than likely will have a fake product being sold, unless it is someone who purchased product for themselves and were not able to get the right size.  If the eBay seller is selling their Vibrams at a highly discounted price or  offering bulk discount, more than likely their selling fake merchandise.  Another thing to check is to make sure is the item is the correct colors.  Here is a link to Birthdayshoes.com with plenty of references to fake Vibrams.

Birthdayshoes.com has put together a nice list of legit online retailers. Here’s their list. http://birthdayshoes.com/store/ You can reference them to the legit online sellers on Vibram’s official website if you want to double check.  Just keep checking all the retailers until you find one that has your size, color and style in stock.

Step 3:  Breaking your feet in, not your shoes

The Vibrams do take some getting used to.  You want to work up to running by starting off with short walks at a time.  Your feet haven’t had to support your full body weight if you’re used to walking in shoes or sandals.  If you’re a consistent heel striker, you will notice that your heel is taking a large majority of shock through your leg.  The tendons in your feet, your achilles tendon, and your calf muscles need time to adjust to the different foot strike that you’ll be taking in these shoes.  Build up your foot and calf strength and you’ll love how comfortable your Vibrams feel.

Key Features of the KSO Style:

  • With the full coverage upper, you can rest assured that not much debris will be getting into your shoes when you’re hiking through the dusty trails.
  • The velcro strap helps secure your foot inside the shoe.  Due to the glove like nature of these shoes, you don’t want your feet slipping or sliding inside the shoe as your run.  This will lead to nasty blisters and nobody wants that.
  • The 2mm sole is designed to give you plenty of “barefoot” sensitivity while giving the bottom of your feet protection from the imperfections in the road as well as from the heat of the sun.
  • The KSO are designed to be the all-purpose shoe, suitable for a majority of exercise activities.

Drawbacks of the KSO compared to other Vibram styles:

  • Due to the full coverage design, it does take some getting used to be able to put these on quickly.
  • If you do a lot of road running, the tread pattern on these are not as aggressive as say something like the Bikilas.

These drawbacks are hardly a deal killer but just thought I’d put it out there.

Leave a comment.  Give me some feedback.

Until, next get your sweat on and happy dieting.

– Joel